The band Free Worship wanted to capture their songs with the feeling of an intimate session in a Chicago loft. We went on to create four music videos that were a part of their day one promo of their dual album launch day which was in Spanish and English.

FreeWorship_LeCape_ (47 of 47).jpg


So much of music is about creating an atmosphere and inviting a listener into it. For Free Worship, we wanted to take the open sound that their music created along with the fusion of many genres and film a session that encapsulated that feeling.

After our initial creative meetings, we scouted a few potential options that would give them the feeling that they were looking to convey, something that both felt large and airy to match their style and work with their budget. After we found the perfect place, our team produced, edited and delivered their videos within only a few weeks to meet their aggressive promo schedule.



The difficulty about filming a music session, is that often it can create a flat performance on screen or worse yet, an exaggerated one. Yet in the case of these sessions, we worked to keep not only the performance in high spirits, but also those who were apart of the live recording. It's not just about having a great craft, but also being great people to work with and be around throughout the production.